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Botany Photography Workshop
Teach botany photography: Presentation of various lighting techniques (such as balancing the natural light with flash light), choose the best frames and how to deal with the short depth of focus, how to sync an external flash for high exposure times, choice of needed gear (filters, reflectors, sprinkler, scissors, etc.) as well as an indication […]
Food Photography Workshop
Teach food photography: Presentation of various lighting techniques (continuous light, soft light and hard light) and composition, choice of the best frameworks, indication of the appropriate objectives in each case and some considerations on how to prepare food and the use of substitutes. The student after the workshop is sensitized to the need to prepare […]
Landscape Photography Workshop
Teach Landscape photography: Learn how to take advantage of the sky, the importance of foreground, the use of people in photographs, the golden hour, capture the movement and reflections, the strength of a point of interest in a photograph, know the weather forecast, and photographic gear (lenses, filters, etc.). All this to achieve balance in […]