Details that stay in our memory

Details that stay in our memory

Upon entering, we are forced to look at the floor and notice the refinement and good taste with which the ancestral owners decorated the house. The hydraulic tile floor (today much imitated, but never surpassed) surprises with its simple design and good taste in colors.

The staircase is much more than a staircase, it takes us back to the times when ladies would descend them with their long dresses and elegant carriage, perhaps heading out to a dance at Club Micaelense or a concert at the Coliseu.

Dazzle the eyes and travel the island through the lens of the Owner of the House, photography is very present, as it could not be otherwise, since they are in the home of a renowned Portuguese photographer. Look at the detailed photos in the dining room and don’t be shy about asking questions because he will be happy to clarify.

The history of a house is dynamic both in space and in time, there are generations and different traditions of this small but very rich Portugal.

Breakfast will be served with placemats and cloths with embroideries from Viana do Castelo, or other raffia products purchased at Artesanato de Monsaraz, in Alentejo, the tableware is from the region of Aveiro and ceramics from Lagoa… All Portuguese chosen and made with care, quality and concern.

The bread, cheeses and fruits are Azorean, the jams, cakes and juices are made at home.

Whether you choose to have breakfast in the living room, with dining furniture from the grandparents’ house of the current Lady of the house, or in the garden patio (notice the sculpture of a fish on the terrace wall – it’s the work of a friend of the owners of the house) decorated with extreme good taste, I’m sure you’ll understand better the essence of “Portugalidade” that mixes with skill, simplicity and refinement an enormous pleasure of living and enjoying the good things in life with the joy and taste of hospitality.

This is the philosophy of Casa da Cidade and these are the memories we want you to have.